Sunday, 5 January 2014

Project Life: Week One.

Happy New Year.
I hope you enjoyed a lovely end to your year and a great start to the new one.
Welcome 2014.

It has been great to be observing with purpose what the family are up to and what is going on in the world for project life. 

Little things like laughing so hard at your son hitting his head against the wall? 
Ok so to add context to that...Ali has the most enormous sneezes, always has, they were remarkable as a baby and have become legendary in our family. Sometimes they are funny as everyone literally shies from the noise, sometimes they are exasperating as he invariably is near you (I hasten to add for his modesty that he is a 'dry' sneezer), still it is quite a whoosh. So he was sat on my bed and out of nowhere he sneezed and his head flew back and cracked the wall. I am not the sort of parent that laughs at their children's misfortunes. I am really not, but that just did for me. Ali was laughing as well and, of course, I was cuddling him through those laughs =)

So yes, that needs to be part of the story of what went on here this week.
(The ink ran out in the printer so the photos are awful, I will replace them when I get them done 'properly'. Also the photos of the layouts are terrible, darned light) 

The weather has been dreadful, I cannot remember a worse one for such a long time in little old Ilfracombe. I had quite a turn when the dulcet tones of the news reader on R4 told me in the car that we had lost some sea wall. I was very worried as there are lots of buildings next to the sea wall. Fortunately it is in another area of the sea front which is less impactful.
I went down to see for myself this morning and yes I was careful to keep well above and/or away from the walls which as you can see it was still coming right up and over.
The QR Code in the spread above will take our family to the below video so we can see the footage to go with the story. I love including a video, they are my favourite layouts.

In the screenshot it says 06:19, as if I would put you through 6 minutes of waves! It's about 20 seconds =)

The chain link fence you can just see in the distance is where the wall has come down.

A surge and waves coming up over.

All of the benches along the sea front tell the tale with seaweed wrapped around them.

So, that was week one. Thanks for reading.